Flat awl - Lignum vitae wood

Flat awl - Lignum vitae wood

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The blade part is made of HSS-M2.

Made from high hardness HSS-M2, the sharpness of the blade is long lasting.

lignum vitae is a finest wood with a very good fragrance.

After work, a fragrant scent remains in your hands.

Length - Handle - 90mm

            - Blade - 18mm-20mm 

Thickness - 16mm-17mm

Width - 26mm-27mm

All blades are the same.

The difference in price comes from the difference in price of the handle wood.

Use the same blade and have the same performance.

There is no difference in performance due to handle type price differences.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Dustin Curtis @lunarleatherco
Simply the best

The quality and ease of use cannot be over-exaggerated. It makes stitching up French style holes super smooth. Highly recommend to all crafters.

Rachael Martin
Don’t bother with other brands

This awl is made of amazing quality steel and beautiful to hold and even beautiful looking.

Morgan Harris
Fantastic Awl.

I’ve bought 11 tools from Palosanto in total. All Lignum Vitae and I absolutely love them all. All excellent build quality, very sharp and ready for immediate use. Every tool does its job superbly well. They also look amazing and the Lignum Vitae also smells really nice.

Lilian Vivas
Fantastic tools and so sharp

Made my hole making so wholesome

Love it!

Love the awl and French edger - they work perfectly. My only regret was not ordering the French edger in Lignum - my awl leaves my hands smelling so nice!