Most selling tools

  • Edge beveler

    A tool for cutting the edges of leather and turning it into a round shape.

  • French edger

    A tool to reduce the thickness of the necessary parts of leather.

  • Awl

    A tool for making holes in leather for sewing

  • Leather knife

    A tool to cut leather into the wanted shape

  • Hammers

    A tool used to flatten the thread in sewing areas and to strongly bonding leather.

  • Creaser

    By rounding the cut surface of the leather, it prevents it from turning over, and at the same time, it adds an aesthetic element by creating a line.

Amboyna burl

The most glamorous and cannot promise anything.

Amboyna burl tools

African black wood

This wood is with a high density and weight that sinks in water.

Black wood tools

Lignum vitae (Palosanto)

This wood retains a scent and changes color to green when exposed to sunlight or over time.

Enjoy the delicate scent

Lignum vitae tools


This wood is hard and resistant to scratches. It is faithful to its role as a tool.

Bubinga tools