Brass hammer
Brass hammer
Brass hammer
Brass hammer

Brass hammer

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You can choose between  lignum vitae and african black wood handle.

It is used for the bonding of two pieces of leather strongly or for flattening the thread after sewing.

The head part makes the texture by hammering and gives a special feeling.

Length : 220mm

Weight : 200g

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Customer Reviews

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Palosanto Brass Hammer

This hammer is absolutely exquisite! I am looking forward to using it. I would smooth the corners slightly & plan to do so myself. This did not stop me from purchasing again. Based on the excellent quality, I was more than happy to expand my leather toolkit. I love the Lignum Vitae wood.
Great Apreciation & Thanks,
Kent Gordner

Nice and strong

I was looking for a small but durable hammer just for my leathercraft works. Something i would have used for flattening the stitches. When I came here to buy the edge beveler, i saw this hammer and felt in love immediately. I really like it and I will use it for a long time.

Fantastic Hammer.

Great quality and works like it looks

Petite and ergonomic handle

Like the handle and the shape of hammer with the wood essence. Its not that heavy and very useful for hammering small leather goods.

Great tools but you need to know how to use them.

I’ve been using the #1 edge beveler for close to six months and absolutely loved it. I decided to get a #2 and #3 along with one of his hammers to add to my arsenal. When they came in I was excited.

The hammer ended up being a bust for me. It marked up my leather really bad. I use harness leather and it is know for marking up bad so I have always used a rubber mallet from Home Depot which leaves no marks on the leather at all. I was hopping I could use a legit leather hammer but I’m back to using my rubber mallet. The quality of the tool from Palosanto was great but it does not work on harness leather (specifically from Wickett & Craig).

The new edge beveler also ended up being a dud on the harness leather. I use a 2.5 ounce leather and was using the #2 edge beveler when I would combine three layers of leather. The #2 beveler ended up digging into the leather when I was using it on the leather. On the other hand the #1 works great. Two factors: its smaller so it can’t dig in at all, second has to do with using harness leather again. Harness leather, in my opinion, is one of the best looking veg tanned leathers you can get. It is is also the hardest leather you will ever work with.

So, I got three great tools. But, I can’t use any of them due to the leather I use when making wallets. It was a $200 dollar lesson. They do make my work bench look legit but at the end of the day the #1 edge beveler is still my go to beveler.