Beveler blade ONLY

Beveler blade ONLY

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Combine the best blade with your own handle to create your own BEVELER.

Blades only. 


#00 - 0.15mm

#00+ - 0.25mm

#0 - 0.35mm

#0+ - 0.45mm

#1 - 0.7mm

#1+ - 1.0mm

#2 - 1.2mm

#3 - 1.5mm


All blades are made of HSS M2.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike L
Very sharp but very fragile.

This is the 3rd #1beveler I’ve ordered. They are extremely sharp which makes my job 100% easier plus I don’t have to sharpen them that often but as far as durability I’m on the fence. The first fell off my bench and broke, the second split down the middle as I was beveling a belt. The set screws on my #1 don’t hold the blade isn’t secure so it constantly has to be tightened or it will fall out.


Très bon compromis si on s’intéresse à l’action de couper le cuir et non d’avoir un beau manche…j’ai acheté des manches bon marché à 2,6 € les 5 et j’ai pu fermement enfoncer les lames ce qui me donne un outil extrêmement efficace avec un manche très laid !! Hi hi

Jeffrey Correll
Edge bevelers

These are great quality. I do find that they are cut much smaller than generic edge bevelers. When I say that, I mean that when I use a number one on a generic beveler it is probably the equivalent of like a number two on a palosanto beveler.

Cel Fer
Excellent product

The hype is totally correct. They are amazing and work beautifully.