Flat awl - African black wood handle

Flat awl - African black wood handle

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The blade part is made of HSS-M2.

Made from high hardness HSS-M2, the sharpness of the blade is long lasting.

African black wood  is a finest wood with dignity.

It gives a sense of stability when used with good texture and weight that sinks in the water.

All blades are the same.

The difference in price comes from the difference in price of the handle wood.

Use the same blade and have the same performance.

There is no difference in performance due to handle type price differences.

Length - Handle - 90mm

            - Blade - 18mm-20mm 

Thickness - 16mm-17mm

Width - 26mm-27mm


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Customer Reviews

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Well made, sharp, and beautiful. Wish I had one of everything they sell.

Simon D
Products to swear by

Like all the other tools I have purchased from Palosanto, the flat awl i purchased is a great addition to my workshop. Not only does it do a great job on fine leather work, but its craftsmanship in is fantastic. My aim it to have the complete set of Palosanto tools. They really are great quality.

Scratch awl Flat awl

Excellent quality and delivered on time. This thing is really sharp. I use this mostly for hand stitching to open the stitching holes slightly.
Highly recommended.

T Clements
Flat awl

Works with ks blade punch

Amir Rafieraad

Flat awl - African black wood handle