Edge beveler - Lignum vitae handle
Edge beveler - Lignum vitae handle
Edge beveler - Lignum vitae handle

Edge beveler - Lignum vitae handle

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The blade part is made of HSS-M2.

Made from high hardness HSS-M2, the sharpness of the blade is long lasting.

lignum vitae is a finest wood with a very good fragrance.

After work, a fragrant scent remains in your hands.

All blades are the same.

The difference in price comes from the difference in price of the handle wood.

Use the same blade and have the same performance.

There is no difference in performance due to handle type price differences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Chuck Thomason
Edge. Beveler

I have not received the edge beveler.

Lo Benavente
Hands down "THE BEST"

I finally decided to upgrade my edge bevelers... After hours of research and reading reviews on some of the top quality edge bevelers in the market, I decided to go with Palo Santo. In my opinion it is hands down the best edge bevelers in the market. I'm absolutely impressed and happy I made the Palo Santo choice... The handles are beautiful, and it bevels so smoothly.. I would recommend Palo Santo to anyone looking for excellent quality edge bevelers.. worth every penny!

Morgan Harris
Perfect Edging Tool

Third Palosanto edger I've bought. Love them all. This was size 0 and I use it for watch straps and its perfect for the job. Really fine and and even edge bevel. Arrived super sharp as well. Highly recommend all Palosanto tools.

Fatima Gabriela Pérez
Excelentes herramientas

Me encantaron las herramientas muy buenas

Javier Garcia
Great vs Ok beveling.

Definitely see the difference between my Kit Beveler and The Pro..
Just starting Out in Leather Crafting, But can Really Appreciate quality