Knife - Japanese knife - black wood handle
Knife - Japanese knife - black wood handle
Knife - Japanese knife - black wood handle

Knife - Japanese knife - black wood handle

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The blade part is made of HSS-M2.

Made from high hardness HSS-M2, the sharpness of the blade is long lasting.

African black wood  is a finest wood with dignity.

It gives a sense of stability when used with good texture and weight that sinks in the water.

All blades are the same.

The difference in price comes from the difference in price of the handle wood.

Use the same blade and have the same performance.

There is no difference in performance due to handle type price differences.

Length - Handle - 110mm

            - Blade - 65mm

Width - Blade - 36mm, 24mm

Thickness - Blade - 2.5T


Precautions for use.

First of all, the blade is extremely sharp.

Use it after checking through the test. Must be used on cutting pad.

Because the blades very sharp, the cutting pad can be cut or pinched If you give too much force.

If you curve in that state, the blade may break.

The correct usage is to work with the appropriate force on the cutting pad.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Knife - Japanese knife - black wood handle

Michael Caldwell
Soooo Sharp

I've had several skiving knives, but this is the best. It is scary sharp. So easy to skive away the leather at different distances from the edge, and at different depths. Palosanto steel and edges are, by far, the best, regardless the tool.

Veronica Harris
Simply amazing quality and craftsmanship!

I have several tools from Palosanto and each, without fail, is of great quality and craftsmanship. Don’t be fooled by cheaper imposter tools. The Japanese skiving knife is sharp and ready to go from day 1. A couple of slides on a leather strop and you are good to go. The steel he uses provides high durability and sharpness. The handle is ergonomic and is just beautiful.

Dawn Carlson
Quality Knife

If you’re second guessing if you should
Purchase the Palosanto Japanese Knife, just buy it already. The quality is top notch! It arrived super
Sharp and ready to be used. The wood handle is beautifully made.

Sebastian Stefanescu
Amazing Tools

As always, superb craftsmanship and quality! Knife is perfectly sharp and polished right out of the box. Thank you!