French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle
French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle
French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle
French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle
French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle
French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle
French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle
French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle

French edger(5 size) - bubinga handle

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Maker's recommendation.

6mm - Good for general narrow-width work.

8mm - This is the best size. 

Only by using this you can feel the best performance of the palosanto french edger.

10mm - You can work on a wide area without requiring a lot of power and skill.

If you just want to buy something wide, I recommend 10mm, not 12mm.


Purchase for a special purpose

4mm - box stitch, 45 degree cutting, Folding part(line)

12mm - It requires a lot of strength and skill. When working with 24mm, it is much faster to work 3 times with 8mm than 2 times with 12mm and the result is higher.

 It is recommended to purchase only those who need 12mm.

The power and skill you need. 
Assuming 4mm is 1.
4mm - 1
6mm - 2
8mm - 4
10mm - 8
12mm - 20


The blade part is made of HSS-M2.

Made from high hardness HSS-M2, the sharpness of the blade is long lasting.

The bubinga is a wood with a solid and colorful pattern.

The re-sharpening kit is included, allowing the user to re-sharpening easily.

The re-sharpening method is uploaded to YouTube.

When doing re-sharpening, do not give strength and soften it.

All blades are the same.

The difference in price comes from the difference in price of the handle wood.

Use the same blade and have the same performance.

There is no difference in performance due to handle type price differences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Rejean Sawchuk
Better then I hoped

I’ve always heard good things about palosanto factory tools. So when it came time for me to need a French edger, I decided to try this one. It superseded all expectations, arrived extremely shape out of the box. The quality overall is just astounding, and I love that it comes with a little strop board designed for the specific tool, with a nice piece of rouge as well. Highly recommend this company for tools, and will be purchasing many more from palosanto in the future.

Davide Passarelli
I have red a lot about them and they were right!

Nothing to say you pay to have unbelievable tools.. that’s all. It’s a game changer.

Brilliant tool

You get exactly what you pay for - what must be the best tools in the business! Razor sharp and ready to go. Beautiful finish. Really quick delivery. Couldn't be happier. I will most definitely do business with Palosanto again.

Graham Reader
Great Tool Great Service

Was surprised at the size of box, more surprised when I pulled the Skirt Shave along with the accessories to keep it honed! a great addition. So surprised I put a photo on FaceBook!
Out of the box the tool was super sharp!

Ümit Ürek
Best tools ever

I’m so happy with my purchase. It came relatively fast. The quality is amazing. When I was watching some YouTube videos about edge bevelers they would say its like a hot knife on butter, I thought they were exaggerating it but no sir
It is exactly like that.
Amazing job guys! I will definitely buy more stuff from you in future